The April Yoga for All Plus Size Class - 4.1.23

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We are so excited to team up with Magnolia Rose Yoga to host a PLUS SIZE yoga class the first Saturday of every month right here at CRC!

Participants will enjoy a Slow Flow Yoga Class that incorporates body alignment awareness specifically designed for larger bodies from 9am - 10am.

Read more about the yoga instructor & class below!

Spots for the class are $9 & are limited!
About the class:

This Yoga Class is a Slow Flow Yoga Class that incorporates more of a body alignment awareness specifically designed for larger bodies. Bringing in mindfulness and awareness of the breath and movement connection. While moving slow, we learn how to have safe and intentional movement in the mind and body that feels comfortable to our unique and individual needs. Learning to take what you need in your practice. Gaining knowledge and growth of the overall practice. Learning to be present as we notice what can show up for us during our practice. Mentally we learn to recognize and sit with our thoughts that may arise in our practice. We learn to recognize and sit with the different sensations, signals, and stretches that we may feel throughout our physical container. Making this class more accessible to beginners, families and for someone in a larger body. In this class we learn how to meet our bodies gently and comfortably where they are at to properly obtain the benefits from each Yoga pose. We are able to focus on our hip flexors, create Spinal mobility, neck mobility, shoulder mobility, and even play with balance while remaining safe and supported.

About the instructor:

My name is Erin Hardy. I am the Owner/ Founder of Magnolia Rose Yoga in Lexington, NC and Erin Hardy Photography. I am an RYT200 and 2019 graduate from K10 Yoga School in Winston-Salem, NC a trauma informed school that encourages a social justice approach to Yoga and wellness . I am a wife to Jonathon Hardy, Co-Owner of MRY. I am a mother of two beautiful earth side girls ages six and three. Magnolia Rose Yoga is named after our girls. I have studied prenatal yoga, Yoga for body positivity, social justice, yoga nidra, meditation, crystals and self healing and have completed Safe Zone Training. I am passionate about women’s wellness, grounding, body positivity, empowerment, birth education, holistic health, hiking, trauma informed Yoga, and meditation. I found Yoga and meditation after giving birth to my first daughter (quite traumatically and while suffering a birth injury). In an attempt to heal my outside physical container and do that thing we like to call ”get my body back” I unknowingly began a spiritual journey to find my true north and my purpose. After re-birthing myself along with the birth of my daughter my spiritual journey, that I am still on, led me to an overall healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. It’s nice to have y’all here! Join me as I create deeper connections between, people, animals, the breath and nature.