Plus Size Hiking Group

In October of 2023, Krista (owner of Cooper Road Collection) & Whitney Wallace (of WhitneyGoesHiking on IG) formed a local plus size hiking group! Read more about it below:
We are a group of NC Piedmont hikers in bigger bodies that host monthly group hikes throughout the Piedmont and hope to encourage each other to get out and experience the joys of hiking.
We strive to be a group where people who have not felt comfortable in other hiking groups as a person in a bigger body will feel completely accepted, welcome, supported and encouraged. We want everyone to experience the joys of hiking just as they are, no changes needed, and our motto is “no hiker left behind.”We want this group to be a reprieve from all the constant pressures to change ourselves and a place to just be in the moment and appreciate our bodies for what they can do right now. We strive for this environment during our monthly hikes and hope for it in this online space as well. Everyone is on their own journey and, out of respect for that, we ask that you refrain from offering unsolicited advice especially on matters related to health, fitness, or nutrition.
Body shaming, trolling, overly critical comments and arguments will not be tolerated. We’re all here to celebrate and encourage each other just as we are and any behavior that goes against that has no place in this group.
Join the private Facebook group here to stay up to date with our next planned hikes!